How do I get an area light put in my back yard?

Please contact the Customer Service Center at 918-542-6685 during business hours and make this request. They will add this service charge to your account and request the Electric Department to perform the installation.

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1. Can the city crew trim back a tree near the power line so that my contractor can remove the rest of the tree?
2. How do I get an area light put in my back yard?
3. How do I get my area light fixed in my backyard?
4. I am building a house and want to know what I need to do to get service?
5. I am building a shop or installing a pool in my yard and the service line is in the way. How can I get the service line moved?
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7. I have a tree in my yard that is near the road and has low hanging limbs that affects traffic and is in the City Right-Of-Way. Can the City trim the tree?
8. I need my service disconnected for a tree removal or a home improvement. How much does this cost and how do I get it scheduled?
9. I would like my overhead service converted to underground. How do I get this done and who do I need to talk to?
10. My lights are blinking or I may be having issues concerning my electric service, I’m not sure if it is a City issue or a problem in my house?
11. My neighbor’s trees are causing damage to my property. Can the City help me with this?
12. There is a dead tree in my yard that is close to the road. Will the City remove the tree for me?
13. There is a tree that is growing into my power line. Can someone come out and trim it?
14. What’s the minimum distance I can plant my tree away from the power line?