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Animal Shelter


The Animal Shelter is located on the truck route at 725 D St. NW. The shelter is open to the public between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m, or you can call 918-541-2275 to make an appointment after hours.

Speak With Animal Control

When calling Animal Control you will often get an answering machine. Please leave a detailed message including a call back number. Animal Control will return your call as soon as possible.

Reporting an Animal

Report lost or found animals immediately. Animal Control will pick up small wildlife such as raccoon, skunk, and opossum. These animals must be turned over to the local Wildlife Officer. If you feel the situation is an emergency, call Miami Police Department at 918-542-6685.

Adopting an Animal
Any dog or cat not reclaimed by its owner within three work days may be adopted. Prior to adoption the animal must be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Livestock such as bovines, equines and hogs are held for at least 72 hours before disposition.

By law, all pets are required to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated for rabies. Residents may keep or own no more than five animals (limit three dogs or three cats) at one address. Dogs, cats, and other animals are not allowed to run loose within the city.

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