The utility account is not in my name. Can I still pay from my bank account?
Yes. When you complete the Automatic Bank Draft Application Form, include the account's service address and your voided check and bank account information.

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1. What are the utility office hours?
2. Where can I pay my utility bill?
3. Why is my sewer charge more than my water bill?
4. Why is my water bill so high?
5. Why is my electric bill so high?
6. How does the City of Miami Public Utility Department's rates compare with other cities?
7. Can I change the due date of my utility bill?
8. How can I get faster service at the utility window?
9. Why is my deposit so high?
10. Can I pay my deposit in installments?
11. When I disconnected my service, I paid my bill in full. Why do I have a final bill?
12. What method of payment can we use to pay our utility bills?
13. What are the benefits of being on automatic bank draft?
14. Who can sign up for automatic bank draft?
15. How much is the fee to be on automatic bank draft?
16. When will my automatic bank draft start?
17. Will I continue to receive a bill?
18. How will I know when the money will be taken out of my account?
19. Can I select the date to have my payment taken out of my account?
20. What if I don't have money in my account on the draft date?
21. Can I specify how much you can draft from my account?
22. What if I change financial institutions (bank, savings & loan, credit union)?
23. What if I move to another address in Miami?
24. The utility account is not in my name. Can I still pay from my bank account?
25. What if I have more than one utility account?
26. What if after I sign up, I decide I don't want to automatic bank draft my account any longer?
27. How do I enroll?
28. What if I have any other questions?
29. What happens if my service gets disconnected for non-payment of the bill?
30. How much notice is needed in order to have utility services connected?
31. How much does it cost to put service in?
32. What if I do not agree with my water or electric meter reading shown on my bill?
33. How do I get a security light?
34. How much electricity is a kilowatt hour?
35. Is the days between my meter readings always the same?
36. Do I need a license to sell goods door-to-door or place-to-place (on a lot)?
37. Do I need a license to sell alcoholic beverages?