Why does the City of Miami have a Zoning Code?
The zoning code is a local law prescribing how and for what purpose each parcel of land in a community may be used. Its purpose is to maintain conformity and segregation of the various land uses. For example, industrial use is not compatible with residential use because of the inherent and obvious dangers associated with industrial activities. Many times, industrial uses include manufacturing with chemicals and materials that would endanger the inhabitants of residentially zoned property. Likewise, a salvage yard full of dismantled vehicles is not compatible with residential living.

Because of the obvious differences in the various land uses, the City of Miami has adopted a comprehensive plan and zoning code to protect and safeguard the community. When someone violates the zoning code (for example, a patio cover built over a designated building line setback), the inspector will respond to complaints and work to bring the offending property into compliance with the code.

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1. Why does the City of Miami have a Zoning Code?
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