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Posted on: April 25, 2022

City of Miami Awarded Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce Impact Award

MRCC  2022 Impact Award Winner

The top honor of the night, the MRCC 2022 Impact Award, at Friday night’s 13th Annual Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala went to the City of Miami and its leadership. The MRCC Gala took place at the Peoria Showplace at Buffalo Run Casino and Resort.

Miami City Councilmen David Davis, Kevin Dunkel, Dwain Sundberg, Brian Estep with Miami Mayor Bless Parker and Miami’s City Manager Bo Reese accepted the award on behalf of City of Miami employees, staff, administration, council and the mayor.

Mayor Parker said, “I see a dedicated group of Council members who spend time away from family in meetings, and hours and hours taking calls. It’s all because they’re dedicated to our community and city. We do make hard decisions and always keep the best interest of the community first. We’re Wardogs and we love our community and our city. None of us do it for awards, but it’s nice to be recognized by our community.”

Councilman David Davis said Miami has seen a total of $110 million and more in private sector investment this past year including business expansion, housing projects, and new businesses and projects secured.

“Miami is on the verge of big things, and great success,” Davis said. 

This award is recognition for all the hard work, sweat and tears you put in every day,” Reese wrote in an email sent to employees and staff, “It is impossible to drive around Miami and not notice all the positive changes, activities and events happening. Your community has noticed and chose to recognize you!!”

Reese said, “Thanks to a dedicated Council pushing forward thinking agendas for positive change and a committed team of city employees with servant hearts, great things have happened and many more are in the works. It's so very exciting to be a part of this amazing team!”

The Miami Convention and Business Bureau staff and administration under the leadership of MCVB Director Amanda Davis was nominated for the MRCC 2022 Small Business of the Year. 

Highlights of the City of Miami ’s 2021/2022 Fiscal year: 

  • Since July 2021 at least 30 businesses have expanded or located in Miami with more coming soon.
  • 50 community volunteers serve on different boards, authorities, and commission which meet throughout the year to work with staff on projects throughout the city.
  • $500 to $600k in water lines has been or is in the process of being replaced.
  • $2.7 million sewer line extension was completed on 69A and sewer slip line is being completed along the Truck Route. 
  • Prep and base work completed on several Streets and asphalt and concrete will be laid once curb work is completed and overlay and repair work is ongoing.
  • Three major electric infrastructure projects are underway.
  • A Fiber Study is underway to look at the feasibility of bringing fiber to Miami. 
  • In 2021 Code Enforcement and Abatement staff have completed 1,159 inspections, sent out 780 10-day letters, and completed 132 abatements.
  • FEMA funding has been awarded a reimbursement grant for 8 residential and 3 commercial repetitive flood properties for demolition this year.
  • Hotel receipts through 8 months of this fiscal year are up 58% or $1,072,535.54, and visitor spending continues to be strong and leisure travel is growing. Miami offers several area events including Coleman Theatre productions, Mural Fest, and the Miami Ok. Route 66 Heritage Fest. 
  •  The City of Miami hosted the 1st annual Route 66 Heritage Festival in downtown Miami in 2021. The event, held the last weekend each year in July, drew more than 20,000 people over 2 days. This event was made possible by commitment from the city council and generous sponsorships from local partners and vendors. Those combined efforts allowed the festival to provide entertainment to the community and visitors without purchasing tickets for the concerts. The festival is planned for July 29-30, 2022 and the City of Miami is excited to again provide support to this destination event on Route 66, aimed to attract visitors from all over the world. Lastly, Miami continues to market the city and county as a top destination along Route 66 while encouraging the overnight stay and adding to sales tax base. Ottawa County sees a total of $330 million in visitor spending annually and the City of Miami is proud to continue to coordinate efforts with tourism partners throughout the county and region to continue to experience growth in travel impacts.
  • New playground equipment and an outside learning environment is being added at the Splash Pad area. The City of Miami is excited to partner with the Miami Nation, Ottawa Tribe and the Shawnee tribe on the upcoming Outdoor Learning Environment that will be placed in the Splash Pad complex.
  • Miami received one of the highest scores for financial health in the state. Total budgeted for Capital Improvements for FY 21/22 $3,923,028.


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