Miami's Commitment To Excellence


The Comprehensive Plan, "Miami's Commitment To Excellence," is Miami's official guide for making decisions about growth and development. The Plan is a summary of the goals, objectives, policies, strategies, programs, and projects that will enable the City to achieve its mission of focusing on the future, working together to build strong neighborhoods, develop a sound economy, and provide a safe community. Follow the conversation using the hashtag #imaginemiami.

Documents, Graphics & Maps

Miami's Commitment To Excellence 2015 Comprehensive Plan final (PDF)
Miami's Commitment To Excellence 2015 appendix (PDF)
Existing Land Use Map (PDF)
N. Main Street/69 After Image (PDF)
Central and D Street After Image (PDF)
Floodplain Reclamation After Image (PDF)
S. Main Street After Image (PDF)
B.F. Goodrich Site After Image (PDF)
Miami Future Connectivity Map (PDF)
Miami Future Character Map (PDF)