Fallen Heroes

June 05, 1988


Officer B.J. Tunnell

On Sunday June 5, 1988 at about 7 p.m. Lt. Gary Anderson received information that Russell W Haines was wanted out of Daisetta, Texas for violating his Parole on the charge of Assault on a Police Officer. Haines was located by Lt. Anderson at the Elms Motel in the 1300 Block of N Main St. Lt. Anderson and the Hotel Owner, Oba Edwards, went to Haines room to arrest him on the outstanding warrant. Lt. Anderson told Haines he was under arrest for the warrant and ordered him to place his hands behind his back. Haines refused saying "No I ain't going to, you're going to have to shoot

 me." Lt. Anderson began to try and take Haines into custody when Haines struck Anderson with a "Double Burner Iron Grate" from the cook stove. Lt. Anderson and Haines began to struggle inside the room that quickly moved into the parking lot of the motel. Edwards called the police for further assistance for Lt. Anderson. Officer Brian Tunnell arrived shortly after the call for help was made and joined in the struggle. During the struggle Haines was able to get control of Lt. Anderson's duty weapon and shot Officer Tunnell at "Point Blank Range." Oba Edwards, saw what had happened to Officer Tunnell, retrieved his own Revolver, and began firing at Haines. Mr. Edwards was credited with possibly saving the life of Lt. Anderson by firing at the suspect that was preparing to shoot Anderson. Lt. Anderson pulled Officer Tunnell's service revolver and began to chase Haines. Haines tripped over a parking curb while running and dropped the revolver. Lt. Anderson caught up to Haines as he was attempting to get the revolver that he had dropped. Lt. Anderson shot and killed Haines. Officer Brian Jeffrey Tunnell, 27, died at the hospital three hours later. Officer Tunnell was survived by his wife Brooke, his mother and father Georgia and Leonard, and several brothers.

June 12, 1934

Merchant Policeman L O "Jack" Dunaway


Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, June 12, 1934, Miami officers Dunaway, I. W Ellis and S J. Johnson responded to a report of three suspicious men hanging around the Northeast Oklahoma Freight Depot on Main Street near the Merchant Policeman railroad tracks. The officers found the men setting in a Model A Ford. As the officers approached the car a gun battle broke out. Officer Dunaway, 33, was shot with a .41 caliber bullet in the left leg, severing a main artery. One of the suspects, Frank Shinn, 21, escaped for a short time while another, Leroy Dennison, 19, was killed at the scene and another wounded. The wounded suspect, Jess Howard, 25, an escaped murderer from Missouri and officer Dunaway both died a few minutes after arriving at the hospital. Officer Dunaway was survived by his wife and two sons.