Department Tours / Smoke Alarm Information

Public Education

To schedule a station tour or a senior home safety check, simply call Fire Department Headquarters at 918-542-6685 or 918-542-4164. Our dedicated fire department personnel go to great lengths to ensure your group has an informative as well as enjoyable experience. If you are a senior, we will come by your home and check the operation of your smoke detectors, replace one if need be, and provide you with any other recommendations that we determine will reduce your risk for fire or other life safety concerns.

Free Smoke Alarms

The Miami Fire Department currently offers a free smoke alarm to anyone that needs one. These smoke alarms can be procured by calling Fire Department Administration Headquarters at 918-542-6685 or 918-542-4164. Once your contact information is attained, we will send Fire Department personnel to install a smoke detector in your home.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Remember to change your detector battery when you change your clock. Some newer alarms have a special battery that you don't have to change. Instead you replace the detector itself. Smoke alarms can become dusty or otherwise malfunction over time. Your average smoke alarm should be changed every three to five years (per manufactures recommendations). Install smoke alarms on every level of the building, including the basement, and in every bedroom. The alarm can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall; however, it is recommended that it be placed on the ceiling. The alarm should be no less than six" from corners.