Finding a Safe Location

Identifying Your Safest Place at Home / Work

Before an emergency strikes, take time to identify your safest place at home, at work, and at school. Many people have survived strong tornadoes in a closet or small interior room without windows. Usually the safest place will be on the lowest floor. If you live in a mobile home, identify the nearest sturdy building - it may not be safe to remain in a mobile home during a storm.

Safety Elsewhere

At schools, offices, and hospitals, preparedness plans are especially important due to the large number of people on hand and the large amount of glass at many sites. Know the safest place for you to shelter in place and make sure others know their assigned location as well. At shopping malls, indoor pools, and gymnasiums, long spanning buildings are commonly found. These locations can be dangerous because the entire roof can be supported by the outside walls. If caught in such an open building, the restroom may be the best place to take shelter.

Safe Rooms

If possible, one of the best ways to prepare for survival in Tornado Alley states like Oklahoma is to build or install a safe rooms in your home or workplace. Your local emergency manager or home builders association will have information about safe rooms. Plan how to get to your safest place, and share the information with your family.