Safety Topics

Topics Covered

City of Miami employees are refreshed annually on the following topics:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens: This is a city policy method that sets the procedure for employees to deal with any bodily fluids they may encounter while doing their job and still remain safe.
  • Emergency Action Plan: This explains how employees exit the facilities in case of a fire or where the safest place is in case of a tornado. It also covers how to react in the event a hostile situation occurs.
  • Hazardous Communications: Also known as the "right to know," which covers the area of exposure to chemicals in the work place.
  • Lock Out-Tag Out: This explains how damaged or non-functioning equipment is put out of service and who performs the procedure.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): This covers the protective safety equipment for an employee to be able to perform their job duties safely as decided by a job analysis.

Other areas covered include:

  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Heat Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Poison Ivy Awareness
  • Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Safe Driving
  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
  • Trench Safety

Departments are also constantly encouraged to inspect facilities and equipment for possible hazards and to correct them before an accident occurs.