Snow Removal


The priority plan for snow removal was developed by identifying a basic system of streets and roads essential to the continuation of traffic movement. While developing this plan, the realistic capabilities of the City of Miami, such as equipment and personnel, were kept in mind. Priority routes were developed by considering traffic volume, access to emergency services, and access to primary school bus routes.

Our goal is to provide snow removal to facilitate safe traffic flow for those drivers using city streets and roads. During major storms, every available piece of equipment will be deployed.

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Plowing and/or Sanding of Private Property

Unless there is direct benefit to the city operations or unless emergency vehicles require access to a specific location, there will be no plowing or sanding of private property with city equipment.

In the event of winter weather and/or snow accumulation, city efforts will focus on clearing city streets. The clearing of private driveways, during and after plowing shall be the responsibility of each property owner.

General Information

The time required to clear snow and ice from roads varies depending on the following conditions:

  • Snowstorm intensity
  • Snowstorm duration
  • Temperature
  • Traffic conditions
  • Time of day


The Street Department has three salt trucks, four plows, three front-end loaders, one grader, one skid loader, and four backhoes from other departments when needed.

Street Clearing Schedule

  • Priority 1 Emergency service providers, hills, bridges, bus routes, major arteries, and the downtown area
  • Priority 2 Major arteries and residential
  • Priority 3 Airport, cemetery, and city owned parking lots

School bus routes are assigned Priority 1 or 2 and given special attention. Operators will return to widen roads as conditions warrant. During a major storm, cleanup operations may be on-going for three to four days following the storm. Public health protection requires that the Division of Solid Waste provide garbage, and yard waste collection regardless of weather conditions. The exception is during an emergency situation such as heavy snow and ice.

Snow Removal Responsibilities

The following roads are the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT):

  • Highways 10 (Steve Owens Boulevard.)
  • Highway 69/125 (Main St.)

The City of Miami assist ODOT with Highway 10 and Highway 69/125 that are in the city limits of Miami. There are 224 lane miles of streets in the city limits. Lane miles are the number of lanes along a road multiplied by the distance.

During severe weather, the Street Division staff works in 12 hour shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All Public Works divisions assist in the snow removal when needed.

Plowing Procedure

  • The city will plow in such a manner as to minimize traffic obstructions. The city will initially plow the center of the streets, then widen the streets with discharge going onto the edge of the street. This process will deposit snow into the driveway.
  • The city shall not be responsible for plowing snow from any sidewalk and/or driveway nor shall it be responsible for clearing vehicles parked on streets. Depending on snowfall conditions and duration of the storm, clean up operations may widely fluctuate.
  • Crews start with the priority streets and then move to the residential streets. Removal efforts do continue until safety hazards caused by a snow or ice emergency have been eliminated.

Upon request from emergency services (fire, medical, police) Public Works will dispatch the necessary workers and equipment to ensure that the emergency service in question can properly respond to emergency calls.