Trash Collection

Sanitation Carts

One cart is provided to each residence at a cost of $20.52 per month. Additional carts are available at a fee of $13.18 per cart/one time pick up, per month. Contact Solid Waste at 918-541-2368 if you are interested

If your cart is stolen or vandalized, resident must immediately contact the Miami Police Department at 918-542-5585.

Extra Pick-Up

Upon customer request a special pick-up for excessive amounts of household trash bags can be arranged. The cost is $13.18 per pick-up. Household furniture, appliances, and other bulky items are not included in this pick-up (see curbside pick-up below).

Curb Side Pick-Up

Household furniture, appliances, and other bulky items can be picked up at the curb. The fee for curb side pick-ups is $40 and needs to be paid for prior to pick-up. It includes up to three large items.

Curb side pick-ups must be scheduled. Requests can be made by calling Solid Waste at 918-541-2368.

Cart Reminders

  • Lids must be completely closed; overloaded carts cannot be emptied.
  • All carts are to remain at the residence in which they are assigned.
  • If you have two carts, make sure they are 4 feet apart when set out.
  • All carts must be 4 feet from any other obstruction such as vehicles and trees.
  • All carts to be emptied must be placed at the curb with arrows facing the road.
  • Carts obstructed from the sanitation collector's view (i.e., behind parked cars, behind hedges, etc.) cannot be emptied. A return fee will be applied if we have to come back and empty the cart.
  • All carts at your residence should be placed on the same side of the mailbox (if your mailbox sets at the curb).
  • Yard waste. Residential customers may place yard waste at the curb on Fridays for collection. Yard waste must be bagged, boxed, or bundled. Each bundle must be less than 4 feet and weigh less than 40 pounds. Residential customers may bring their yard waste to the transfer station free of charge during business hours.
  • The cart shall be placed for collection no later than 6 a.m. on the day of collection and returned to your storage area that evening. 
  • Only household waste is to be placed in the containers. Chemicals (such as swimming pool additives, paints, and pesticides) cannot be disposed of in the city container. Violators will be ticketed. Let's keep our route servicemen safe, by properly disposing of these types of items.
  • The City of Miami Solid Waste Department is transitioning to a fully automated refuse collection system. In a fully automated collection system, the driver remains in the refuse vehicle and uses a hydraulically controlled arm to grab and tip the cart. With an automated refuse collection system, cart placement is critical.

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