Emergency Management


The City's Emergency Management department knows the likelihood of you and your family recovering from an emergency tomorrow depends on the planning and preparation you do today. While everyone's abilities and needs are unique, every individual can take steps to prepare for all kinds of emergencies. These emergencies can be from fires, severe weather, flooding, and potential terrorist attacks.

By looking at your own personnel needs and making an emergency plan that fits those needs, you and your family can be better prepared to face what might come your way. Preparing makes sense for everyone.

The American Red Cross has a free Tornado App for iPhone and Android. It will inform you of tornado warnings and watches and severe weather in your area. It also provides information such as what to do before and after a tornado and what you should do to prepare for one. The app lets your phone function as a flashlight, strobe light, alarm, etc. and will allow you to communicate with others to let them know if you are safe or need assistance.

Services Provided

  • Mitigation
  • Outdoor Warning System
  • Recovery
  • Response
  • Storm Spotting
  • Weather Lab

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