Recent Changes to Permits and Inspections

As of July 07, 2015 City of Miami building permit fees are based on square footage of the project. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing permit/inspection fees have been reduced. Ordinance 1641 was approved establishing a penalty for non-compliance with building permit and inspection fees. The new fee structure is found below by clicking on "Inspection Fee Schedule." The ordinance explaining the penalty for non-compliance is found below by clicking on "Ordinance 1641 Establishing Penalty and Fees Building Permits (PDF)."

In general, building permits are required for:

  • Accessory structures such as sheds, swimming pools, new roofs & re-shingle, and fences over 6ft tall
  • Decks
  • Demolition work
  • Interior modifications
  • Room additions
  • Porches
  • Structural renovations or repairs
  • Window replacement of different size

Note: Separate plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems permits are required for the installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement, or addition to any wiring, piping, or equipment or appliances associated with those systems.

When Permits Are Not Needed

In general, a permit is not needed to: paint a house (interior or exterior); hang wallpaper; replace cabinets and do similar finish work; install concrete sidewalks and patios entirely on your property; or insulate an existing building where no structural changes are made.

Permits for Other Projects

For all projects, whether a building permit is required or not, there may be zoning, stormwater quality, and/or floodplain requirements that may apply. Please refer to these webpages and/or the city's contacts for these services.

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