Nuisance Code

Rules & Regulations

The Code Compliance Department abides by and enforces the following city codes:

  • Chapter 3, Section 303.3 of 2000 IPM Code, Premises Identification (address numbers not being on residence or not visible from street)
  • Chapter 15, Article II, Sections 15--21-29 MCO entitled Weeds, Grass and Trash (tall grass/weeds, trash / litter, and miscellaneous debris)
  • Chapter 15, Article III, Sections 15--31-36 MCO entitled Dilapidated Building (boarding and securing)
  • Chapter 15, Article IV, Sections 15--41-55 MCO entitled Abandoned, Inoperable, Junk Vehicles (flats, no tag, broken down mechanically)
  • Chapter 23, Traffic Section 23-270--1496 MCO entitled Prohibited Parking
  • Chapter 24, Article II, Sections 24 to 90 entitled Placement on Poly Carts (poly carts being brought to and left at curb too long)

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