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Miami's Commitment To Excellence
The Comprehensive Plan, "Miami's Commitment To Excellence," is Miami's official guide for making decisions about growth and development. The Plan is a summary of the goals, objectives, policies, strategies, programs, and projects that will enable the City to achieve its mission of focusing on the future, working together to build strong neighborhoods, develop a sound economy, and provide a safe community. Follow the conversation using the hashtag #imaginemiami.

Meetings and Events
Planning Commission Meeting
November 12, 2015 at 5:30 PM
Civic Center Banquet Hall, 129 5th Ave. NW

City Council Meeting
December 1, 5:30 PM
Civic Center Banquet Hall, 129 5th Ave. NW

News and Updates
"Miami's Commitment To Excellence" Open House 031115 
Comprehensive Plan "Miami's Commitment To Excellence" 022015
First Meetings Scheduled For Comprehensive Plan 021715 (UPDATE: The location for the Town Hall Meeting has been moved to the NEO Ballroom)
Comprehensive Plan Committee List 020415
Steering Committee Selected For Miami's Comprehensive Plan 020415
Planning For The Future Of Miami 012715

Documents, Graphics and Maps
Miami's Commitment To Excellence 2015 Comprehensive Plan final
Miami's Commitment To Excellence 2015 appendix
Open House flier
Existing Land Use Map
N. Main Street/69 After Image
Central & D Street After Image
Floodplain Reclamation After Image
S. Main Street After Image
B.F. Goodrich Site After Image
Miami Future Connectivity Map
Miami Future Character Map

Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.1
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.2 Infrastructure and Community Facilities/Natural Networks
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.3 Land Use and Community Design
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.4 Cultural Resources
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.5 Transportation and Circulation
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.6 Local Economy
Miami Comprehensive Plan 3.7 Issues and Opportunities/Community Engagement

Media Coverage
Making it happen, Miami News-Record, October 18, 2015
Miami defined and building on character, Miami News-Record, October 16, 2015
Comp plan offers big dreams, big plans, direction, Miami News-Record, October 15, 2015
Streets, water and sewer ranks poorly for 92 percent of respondents, Miami News-Record, October 14, 2015
Miami Comprehensive Plan's vision inspiring, Miami News-Record, October 13, 2015
Miami says goodbye to scene from rearview mirror - Comprehensive Plan committee meets for first time, Miami News-Record, February 24, 2015
Objectives laid out for Miami planning committee, Joplin Globe, February 24, 2015
Miami Schedules Comprehensive Plan Discussion, KSN, February 17, 2015
Comprehensive Plan for Miami to have first meetings, February 17, 2015
Miami City Council picks steering committee, Miami News-Record, February 4, 2015
Miami council appoints long-range steering committee, Joplin Globe, February 4, 2015
Miami Implements New Steering Committee, KODE, February 3, 2015
Miami Introduces New Steering Committee, KSN, December 30, 2014
Miami forming steering committee, Joplin Globe, December 23, 2014
Miami forming Steering Committee, Miami News-Record, December 22, 2014
Comprehensive Plan logo.jpg
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