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1. How do I commend or voice a concern about an officer or an incident?
2. How do the new firearms laws affect citizens with firearms?
3. How are "concealed" and "unconcealed" carry defined?
4. What is required for me to legally carry a handgun on my person?
5. Is it legal to shoot off consumer fireworks in the City of Miami
6. What kind of firearm may I carry with a handgun license?
7. What happens to my concealed carry firearms license starting November 1, 2012?
8. May I transport a fiearm in my motor vehicle?
9. What should I do if I encounter a law enforcement officer while carrying a gun?
10. What should I do if I disagree with the action taken by a police officer in regards to my gun rights?
11. Where are people with a handgun license prohibited from carrying a handgun?
12. Do business owners/operators need to post "No Firearms" signs to prohibit guns inside their business?