Recreation / Sports

The City of Miami maintains five sports complexes:

Francis Morgan Baseball Field
Joe Booth Softball Complex
Joe Pollock Baseball Field
Pee Wee and Little League Fields
Sam Wells Soccer Complex

Leagues are organized and governed by each league or association. Here is contact information for each sport:

Adult Softball League

Bert Payton
Phone: 918-541-7043
Email Bert Payton

Miami Area Girls Softball League

Dwayne Chuckluck - President
Phone 918-533-6976
Email Dwayne Chuckluck

Ottawa County Youth Basketball

Mackenzie Garst - Executive Director
Boys and Girls Club
Office: 918-540-1641
Email Mackenzie Garst

Ottawa County Youth Baseball

Zeb Neece and Maria Neece
Email Zeb Neece
Email Maria Neece

Northeast Oklahoma Soccer Association

John Allman - President
Phone: 918-533-0747
Email John Allman

Miami Youth Football League

Chuck McKibben - President
Email Chuck McKibben

MYFL Youth Football Sign up dates and Camp Dates

Coach Packet Information (PDF)
Player Registration (PDF)
MYFL Important Dates (PDF)
MYFL Camp 1-5th (PDF) Grade July14-15, 2017
MYFL Camp all 1-6th (PDF) Grade May 20, 2I017
MYFL Camp Release Form (PDF)
Youth Football Sign up form (PDF) and Schedule